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 Support Organization Funds...

A supporting organization is a separate legal entity affiliated with CCCF by its purposes and operations. It may have its own letterhead, checkbook and investment manager. It may even publish its own annual report.

For an individual donor, a supporting organization is an excellent way to gain the participation and visibility traditionally associated with a private foundation without IRS regulations and restrictions. For private foundations concerned about continuity or maintaining their impact, converting to a supporting organization will ensure that time and overhead do not erode the foundation’s mission.

Board makeup

To qualify as a supporting organization under Section 509(a)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, a majority of the supporting organization’s board members must be selected by the CCCF Board. (Thus, if the three existing trustees of a private foundation wished to serve as board members of the supporting organization, the CCCF Board would select four additional members.) Creators of a supporting organization may submit eligible persons for review and approval by the CCCF board of directors.

Minimum gift size

Because a separate investment portfolio may be maintained for a supporting organization, an initial gift of $1 million is required, with the goal of reaching $5 million in three to five years.

Supporting Organization Advantages

    Donor recognition: A supporting organization provides the same visibility as a private foundation. Donor members of the board may serve as officers and, as such, can sign the grant checks and the grant award letters.

    Tax benefits: Supporting organization donors generally receive more generous tax deductions than creators of private foundations. If appreciated securities, including closely held stock, are used to make a gift, the donor’s deduction can be up to 30% of the donor’s adjusted gross income (AGI) and 50% of AGI if the gift is cash.

    Investment management: The supporting organization may maintain a separate investment portfolio, with the board selecting its own professional investment manager. The supporting organization is required to establish an investment policy using the Community Foundation’s investment policy as a guideline. The investment management fee depends greatly upon the market value of the supporting organization’s assets.

    Lower operating expenses: The operating costs of a supporting organization are generally lower than for comparable private foundations. While both organizations must file an IRS Form 990, a supporting organization does not pay the excise tax on investment income and realized gains that private foundations must pay. The CCCF annual administrative fee is 1% of the first $1 million in assets, .75% for the next $1.5 million, .50% for the next $1.5 million and .40% for assets over $5 million.

    Donor involvement: With a supporting organization, donors can be as involved as they wish in reviewing grant proposals and recommending grants. CCCF staff members are available to assist donors in identifying worthwhile programs, evaluating the financial capabilities of applicants and their need for additional funds, assessing program quality and monitoring grants from a supporting organization to ensure the money is used as intended by the donor.

    Accountability: The financial records of supporting organizations are included in the CCCF annual audit. CCCF staff fulfills all state and federal reporting requirements.

Services for Supporting Organizations

    Articles of incorporation and bylaws used to establish a supporting organization

    Basic supplies, telephone, mail service, office equipment. Meeting space. Staff for board meetings; including minutes and follow-up. Documents, customized stationery and envelopes. Newsletters, brochures and reports.

    Filings with the State and IRS

    D&O liability insurance

    Mailing lists and other computerized records

    Reviewing grant proposals and making recommendations to the Board

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Chariton County Community Foundation; P O Box 14, Keytesville, MO  65261

Phone:  660-288-2223- Fax:  660-288-2223