Acclaiming the future of Chariton County.

Chariton County Community Foundation; P O Box 14, Keytesville, MO  65261

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About CCCF...

The Chariton County Community Foundation, established in 1998, is a fully tax-exempt public charity under sections 501(c)(3) and 170(b)(a)(A)(vi) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our charitable services are available to anyone interested in personal giving for public good. The Community Foundation is designed to make giving easy for individual or family donors and their financial advisors with the best combination of tax savings and philanthropic choices for donors. We also support nonprofit agencies with the growth and management of endowment funds and, through our Center for Community Initiatives, assist emerging nonprofits and sponsor collaborative programs that make Chariton County a better place to live.

Our Board of Directors

President:  Greg Nolting, Brunswick, MO

Administrative. Assist.:  Kristin Gebhardt  Salisbury, MO

Vice-President:  Larry Pollard,  Mendon, MO

Secretary:  Dale Linneman, Keytesville, MO

Treasurer:  Barry Imgarten, Salisbury, MO

Members:  Robert Wheeler, Keytesville, MO

   Harry Holderieath, Mendon, MO

   Bill Jackson, Brunswick, MO

   Ronald McNeall, Keytesville. MO


History of the Chariton County Community Foundation

 In 1998 concern was expressed about the quality of life in Chariton County, Missouri. Opportunity, wealth, education and most importantly people were leaving the County for more hospitable and interesting places.

The Chariton County Economic Development Board received a REAP Grand to fund an Economic Development Officer for a two year period. Larry Pollard was the officer for part of that time. He attended a Community Foundation Development Seminar put on by Dr. Don Udell of Oklahoma and presented the idea of a Community Foundation to the Economic Development Board. The Board encouraged the effort. Others eventually also took part in the Foundation Seminars and meetings. It was decided to proceed.

Articles of Incorporation were signed in July, 1998 and By-Laws were signed on September 15, 1998 by Elmer Arnsperger, Fred Carpenter, James Daniels and Robert Wheeler. The Certificate of Incorporation from the Secretary of State was issued and the IRS 501 (c) (3) was also issued in the fall of 1998.

The vision of the Foundation is to be a major philanthropic organization that acts as an engine for change and progress with the intent to improve and promote quality of life in Chariton County, Missouri. The first President of the organization was James Daniels, and he is the current President of the organization. Seven major fields of interest were designated: Community and Economic Development, Cultural Enrichment, Education, Health, Historic and Heritage Preservation, Natural Resources and Environment and Environment, and Social Services.

A Strategic Planning Seminar was held in the summer of 2002. Another Strategic Planning Seminar was held in march, 2009.

The Foundation is extremely proud of the new Grand River Medical Clinic in Brunswick, MO. It is an open working facility. The ground breaking was in October, 2007 and the grand opening was held in January, 2009. This is a $650,000 facility and the Foundation’s equity in it is substantial. There was a lot of community involvement to get the Clinic built, and over $200,000.00 in community donations were raised to build the facility.

Chariton County Community Foundation; P O Box 14, Keytesville, MO  65261

Phone:  660-288-2223- Fax:  660-288-2223